bitcoin self custody

what is

self custody

Bitcoin was designed to be held by the individual, not by a 3rd party. An analogy is imagine keeping your gold in a vault at your home, rather than in a vault at a bank.Self custody allows you to maintain complete control over your bitcoin without the permission of any institution to use it.This is vital if you wish to preserve your sovereignty in the digital age.

the benefits of

self custody

Remove 3rd party risk such as exchanges being hacked or going bankrupt which could lead to the loss of your Bitcoin.Reduce confiscation risk from malevolent actors.Dramatically reduce the risk of theft.

how to use your

self custody wallets with bitvice

Bitvice works with any self custody wallet. All you need to do is provide us with a receiving Bitcoin address.Any Bitcoin that you purchase through Bitvice is automatically sent to this address.Bitvice does not custody your Bitcoin for you, allowing you to sleep well at night knowing your Bitcoin is fully under your control.Speak to our support team for guidance on what wallet type is most appropriate for you.

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